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Since 1997, the Fairley Leadership Program has brought together community leaders with multiple perspectives, to build relationships based on trust and understanding.

On completion of the Fairley Leadership Program, participants become Fairley Fellows, joining the Fairley Leadership Alumni.  They include, among others, corporate executives, government officials, entrepreneurs, community organisers and directors of not-for-profit organisations. Importantly, they are driven to lead and support communities across the region.

Fairley Fellows make lifelong connections with diverse leaders – connections that help them advance personally, professionally and in community leadership roles.

To celebrate 25 years of the Fairley Leadership Program, we are telling the story of the program’s impact in local communities through the Alumni.

1 Lisa McKenzie 1997

2 Sam Atukorala 2014

3 Graham Nickless 1997

4 Mellisa Silaga 2017

5 Sarmed Yassin 2015

6 Lana Young 2020

7 Terri Cowley 2017

Click here for full list of Fairley Leadership Program graduates.




Goulburn Murray Community Leadership is committed to being Alumni driven. We believe by connecting with and involving Alumni, our flagship Fairley Leadership Program will continually evolve, adapt, grow and thrive.

Hence, we are excited to announce the formation of a group of Fairley Fellows who will assist development of an Alumni Engagement Model, ultimately enabling us partner with more than 600 graduates from the 25 years of the Fairley Leadership Program. 

Thank you to the following Fairley Fellows for volunteering their time.

Fiona Smolenaars  - 2001

Glenn Bewicke - 2005

Martina Cusack - 2007
Michael Welk - 2010
Sam Atukorala - 2014
Vicki Scott - 2015
Dean O'Hara - 2015
Terri Cowley - 2017
Sarah Chaplin - 2017

Laura Binks - 2020
Lana Young - 2020

Daniella Luvara - 2021

Peter Holland - 2021

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