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Message from our EO

An invitation to create a community leadership legacy with GMCL for our region.

To our Goulburn Murray Community Leadership (GMCL) community.

GMCL has a rich history starting in 1997, creating community leaders for the region who continue to play key roles in advocacy, crisis response and influencing the growth and development of the Goulburn Murray region. 

680 graduates of our flagship Fairley Leadership Program contribute through leadership roles across diverse sectors to create positive impact and build communities, whether with community groups, not-for-profits, governments, or in non-government contexts. This includes playing critical roles in supporting local communities through droughts, lockdowns, and flood disasters over a 28-year period.

Including the Fairley Leadership Program, there are 9 Regional Community Leadership Programs delivered across regional Victoria. A study in 2022 concluded that over $158M of state-wide Public Value was delivered through these program participants, delivering direct benefits and tangible outcomes to regional communities across the state.

Although the Victorian State Government recently ceased subsidising funding to Community Leadership Programs, GMCL’s vision to continue being a catalyst for positive change by cultivating a willing and ready pool of community leaders remains steadfast. We believe our organisation plays a critical role in succession planning for the region, by continually identifying and developing a pool of emerging community leaders.

Using our Strategic Fundraising Strategy, the GMCL team and Board remain committed to delivering the Fairley Leadership Program beyond 2024 and creating new opportunities to invest in people and community building across this great Goulburn Murray region.

To achieve this, GMCL seeks support through corporate, philanthropic and community funding. We aim to forge partnerships with organisations who share our vision and value for investing in community development programs to support community building.

We are reaching out to you, our valued community members, for your support. Your contributions, whether through donations, program investments, in-kind support, or partnership opportunities, will enable us to grow our vision and make a lasting impact within local communities.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting these important initiatives, or have ideas to explore, please contact Nathan Bibby – GMCL Executive Officer ( / 0427 515 969) or Ashley Lythgo – Head of Fundraising ( / 0498 797 964).

Every contribution makes a difference. This is an opportunity to leave your legacy as an individual or organisation. Thank you for standing with us as we navigate this challenging, yet exciting chapter. With your ideas, contribution, and support, we are confident that we will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before. 

Nathan Bibby

Executive Officer

Goulburn Murray Community Leadership


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