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GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-23_edited.jpg
Since 1997, the Fairley Leadership Program has been developing and empowering community leaders across the Goulburn Murray region and NSW Border Communities.


Our work is built around our Community Leadership Model which encompasses three key areas of learning and exploration.

CL = Community Leadership

The development of leadership capacity at the individual, community and organisational level

Regional Awareness

An awareness of the strengths, challenges and foundations or our regional communities


Demonstrations of leadership through civic engagement and action in community


Specifically designed to develop and maximise an individual’s capacity for community leadership, the Fairley Leadership Program immerses participants from sectors and locations across the Goulburn Murray region. Balancing the exploration of leadership and community building, this unique and immersive program enables participants to realise their potential and demonstrate community leadership in action.

The Fairley Leadership Program is informed and continually evolves to develop leaders with the capacity to respond to emerging needs of the region. The program plays a critical role in succession planning for the region, continually developing a pool of emerging community leaders who are supported to engage in programs and initiatives supporting the region. 

“The Fairley Leadership Program has challenged my thinking around what it means to be a leader and the importance of looking within ourselves and our ‘tribe’ for local solutions and change”

Marissa Daly FF'23


GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-15_e

Alison White

sponsored by Greater Shepparton City Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-1_ed

Catherine McAllister

sponsored by Country Fire Authority (CFA)

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-9_ed

Melissa Best

sponsored by Murray River Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-6_ed

Neesha Woodward

sponsored by Echuca Regional Health

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-16_edited_edited.jpg

Ane Fotu

sponsored by GOTAFE

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-4_ed

Kat Hauptmann

sponsored by Benalla Rural City Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-12_e

Michael Coldham

sponsored by Moira Shire Council

Rachel Williams_edited.jpg

Rachel Williams

sponsored by VincentCare


Angie Arteaga Jaime

sponsored by Williamson Foundation

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-7_ed

Kerryn Giorgianni

sponsored by Gardiner Foundation

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-14_e

Mohammad Ziraki

sponsored by Goulburn Broken CMA

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-19_e

Roland Kalamo

sponsored by Primary Care Connect

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-3_ed

Ariyana Gant

sponsored by Greater Shepparton City Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-17_e

Lynn Haswell

sponsored by Moira Shire Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-18_e

Monica Bartels

sponsored by Goulburn Valley Water

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-13_e

Shawkat Karimi

sponsored by Ethnic Council of Shepparton & District Inc. 

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-24_e

Avni Bekirofski

sponsored by Goulburn-Murray Water

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-8_ed

Macey Phegan

sponsored by C4EM and Foodmach

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-2_ed

Nathan Gasperoni

sponsored by Benalla Rural City Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-5_ed

Steph Rodski

sponsored by Moira Shire Council

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-10_e

Callum Phillips

sponsored by Goulburn Valley Water

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-11_e

Mariola Nebiu

sponsored by Fairley Alumni Scholarship

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-25_e

Naynika Bagrecha

sponsored by Goulburn Valley Health

GMLC Fairley's Leadership Induction-20_e

Wayne Muschialli

sponsored by Moira Shire Council

  • What is the Fairley Youth Leadership Program?
    Delivered in partnership with Greater Shepparton City Council and Goulburn Murray Community Leadership – the pilot program funded by VicHealth, provides emerging young leaders the opportunity to develop leadership skills, explore local community issues and determine how they can contribute positively in their local communities.
  • Who can participate?
    Nominees need to: ​ Be 18 - 25 years old during the period Jan-June 2023 Be from the Greater Shepparton Local Government Area. Click here for list of towns eligible. Demonstrate an interest in contributing to the community and learning how to create positive change in the community People from rural and isolated communities, disadvantaged backgrounds, Aboriginal and ethnically diverse communities are encouraged to apply.
  • Does my application or nomination guarantee me a place in the program?
    No. The program facilitator will review applications and may interview all nominees. After this process, the program facilitator will determine successful nominations. All nominees and nominators will be informed of the outcome during February 2023.
  • How much does the Program cost?
    The Fairley Youth Community Leadership Program is FREE.
  • Will it matter if I can't always attend?
    The Fairley Youth Community Leadership Program requires a strong commitment for the duration of the 5 months. In order to graduate from the Program, a minimum attendance rate of 80% of all sessions is required.
  • How do I apply?
    All applications must be submitted using the program application form by the closing deadline.
  • How long does the Program go for?
    The program will include approximately 10 sessions and run from February, March, April, May & June 2023.
  • Can my business get involved with sponsorship?
    Yes - there are sponsorship and program investment opportunities available. As this is a pilot project using VicHealth seed funding, we believe there will be opportunities for local businesses to financially support ongoing program implementation and sustainability. Please contact the GMCL Executive Officer, Nathan Bibby on 0427 515 969 or email to discuss.
  • Where can I find out more information?
    Email or call Nathan Bibby on 0427 515 969 for more information.
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