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FLP Regional Awareness Day

Successful workshops and panels at the Fairley Leadership Program's Regional Awareness Day, delivered by Goulburn Murray Community Leadership.

Photo captured by Macey Phegan from Leadership Team 2

The Regional Awareness Day for the 2024 Fairley Leadership cohort involved workshops and panels aimed at fostering resilience within the community. These events brought together key stakeholders, experts, and community members to explore strategies and initiatives for building a resilient future.

SESSION 1 – GM Resilience Strategy Workshop

Led by Sarah Thomson, Chair for the Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy Taskforce, this workshop unveiled the vision for the GM Resilience Strategy. Participants delved into the eight resilience principles and five areas for intervention, while assessing potential actions and initiatives to support the strategy's outcomes.

SESSION 2 – Community Projects Panel

Esteemed alumni Rick Sellars FF'23, Marissa Daly FF'23, and Neha Samar FF'21 shared their experiences with community projects during this panel. Attendees gained insights into both the triumphs and challenges faced during these endeavours, inspiring a deeper understanding of community resilience.

SESSION 3 & 4 – Three Horizons Workshop

Facilitated by Paul Ryan from the Australian Resilience Centre, these workshops introduced participants to the Three Horizons tool. Designed to support future-focused discussions, attendees explored innovative approaches and strategies to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth.

"We are delighted with the engagement and outcomes of these workshops and panels," said Sarah Thomson, Chair for the Goulburn Murray Resilience Strategy Taskforce. "By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we have taken significant strides towards developing a robust resilience strategy that will empower our community to thrive in the face of adversity."

Leadership Team 5

Steph Rodski, Avni Bekirofski, Macey Phegan & Nathan Gasperoni


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